Saturday, 31 August 2013


 Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE! 
A must-do at an event - Take a shot with the big banner!!

As we walked towards the Convention hall, the security directed us to head towards the exterior of Marina Bays Sands as the queue for the Pink Play Party starts outside. The queue seemed fine at first glance, but as we walked further down, it gradually linked up to the other entrance of the mall. (T▽T)

My friend and I started queuing around 2.20pm. 
Nothing much to do, we started to take self-shots. (ノ> ◇ <)ノ

The queue began to move around 5.15pm, at the very moment I left for the toilet. So I had no choice but to run back to the queue that was actually moving at a moderate speed. 
* Look at the amount of people * (↓ _  ↓)

And no fear, once you enter the event hall, there was even more queuing. (,,#゚Д゚) We were each given one "Beauty Passport" where you have to collect stamps from three different booths to gain access to "Talk & Sing Stage!" Everything felt so rushed since every booth has really too many people queuing up to collect the stamps.

First up, we went to try a "stamp-less" booth, where you would apply the lipstick they have, kiss it on your favourite person and there, you'll receive the free pouch (shown below). Sulli ❤

After that, we started to queue up for "Draw my Eyeliner" but the queue was so horrifying that the helpers had no choice but to just stamp and gave us a Taemin designed pin badge. In the midst of that, while asking one of my friends to hold the queue for us, my friend and I rushed to "Pink Play Face" to get another stamp. (」゜ロ゜)」

Lastly, "Selca with Minime". 
I wanted to take with Minho though. (> ~<)

Finally, we were able to enter the "Talk & Sing Stage!" It feels like I was on a mini adventure that day, running around the whole place just to get three stamps. By the time we entered the stage area, it was already packed like sardines.

 P.S. My photos are not of the best quality.
SULLI with Kevin 老师↓↓

Ten winners of Anycushion Contest won themselves a chance to take a group picture with Sulli↓↓

After that, SHINee came out for an interview.

Not sure if it's alright for me to upload this, but I really love the fan chant for SHINee. (⌒▽⌒)☆ I can't exactly remember how many songs they sang that day, but approximately five if my memory did not fail me. 


After SHINee's mini concert, it was time for more pictures!

Look of the day [27th Aug]
Top - Dip Drops || Bottom - Tralala || Bracelet - Moododo

♥ All the freebies ♥

Personal thought: 
The event would be better if everything was more organized. For example, the set up more booths of "Draw my Eyeliner" as well as getting more helpers so that everyone would have the chance to play the games at ease and not in a rush. You could totally see that everyone there was more desperate to get that ONE stamp instead of having fun playing the game.

Also, it's quite a pity that people with the special wristbands had to waste their own time to queue up at the regular queue instead of their own queue. Maybe there was information given, but not many received the news since I saw quite a couple of them panicking, pondering if they were exactly in the right queue. 

Nonetheless, I had a great time with my friend and this whole experience was worthwhile. 

Thank you for reading! *Inserts derp face*

Friday, 30 August 2013

[Fashion Influence] Harajuku Model, Seto Ayumi

Other than reading Popteen to install more Japanese fashion styles into my brains, I will venture on to Zipper from time to time as well. Zipper incorporates more Harajuku Street Style, showing people wearing more funky, spanky clothes, lolita, punk and so on; Models themselves also have their very own styles.

Seto Ayumi at Marble Collection in Singapore last year↓↓

I regretted so much for choosing not to go to the Marble Collection back in AFA SG last year. It was one of the best chances to meet Harajuku models like Seto Ayumi, Una, Yura, Anna Yano and even Popteen model, Hikarin but I gave it up because the feeling of going to an event alone by myself sucks. But that was the spark of my love for Ayumi-chan.

SHOUT-OUT: Ayumi-chan, please come to Singapore again!

After that, I started watching more videos of her on Harajuku Kawaii! TV on Youtube. My favourite hairstyle of Ayumi-chan was her in her dip dye of red and blonde as well as her bright red, long hair. She is consecutively gaining more popularity so much that you could see tutorials or pictures online of people trying to replicate her style. 

I’ve also heard about how some Japanese who dislike to stick with their hairstyles for too long (because they get sick of them so easily) and that could possibly explain why Ayumi-chan likes to change her hairstyles and colours often, or perhaps she just likes to experiment.

AYUMI-CHAN before she turned funky!

My attempts of her makeup & outfit (which I didn't succeed)

I tried her eye-make (picture back in May) by using the method she taught in Harajuku Kawaii TV↓↓
(Guess my make-up has so much room for improvement)

Other than Ayumi-chan, my fashion style's also influenced by Harajuku model, AMO as well as Japanese Anisong singer, LiSA (which I'll talk more about it the next time?)

↓↓ Why is the person on the right not me? >~<

Please support Ayumi-chan's latest self-produced photobook “Äyumi Kidz”, which will cover her -
 Fashion ccordinates ☆ Personal belongings & Wardrobe
☆ Hair & Make ☆ Fun nails ☆ Unpublished private photos
☆ Hamburger life ☆ Interview

Here are the pictures from
HER Twitter: @setoayumi
HER Instagram: @setoayumi
HER Blog: http://ameblo/jp/asbs-setoayumi/ 
(You can click her picture icon on my blog's 
right hand cornerfor easier access)

Thank you for reading! *Inserts awkward smile*
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