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Review: Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.811 Strawberry Tea (full)

Hello everyone! How was your weekends? image
Yesterday, my boyfriend (Aaron) & I managed to check out a new cafe we've never visited before. I must say, their waffle with maple syrup & fruits are the best in Singapore! It's called "Strangers' Reunion". 

Here's some pictures taken by Aaron at Strangers' to stir up your appetite before I continue on to this post!

A cup of MAGIC for you? Or just some Latte?

So after indulging in some sweet treats, accompanied by a smooth cup of MAGIC & Latte, today's mission is to attempt an eyelash review!

Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.811 Strawberry Tea (full) ↓
Doesn't AMO just look so sweet and doll-like? Strawberry tea has longer lashes towards the end, making your eyes look more droopy and innocent, like a doll.
This pair of eyelashes has already been used for the third time and that explains the lashes' shape being irregular. Even though it was a pair of brown eyelashes, I attempted with black liquid eyeliner and mascara since I don't have them in brown. In my personal opinion, I think it still works out fine. Perhaps, I should also try it out with brown liquid eyeliner & mascara to have a comparison. 
In addition, I actually cut the eyelash shorter so that it would match better with my eyes. The original length is too long for my small eyes. ↓↓

An attempt for the gothic doll look. Which look do you prefer? image 

Price: ★★★☆☆
It is priced at S$23.90 for 5 pairs of eyelashes which I find it somewhat reasonable since the eyelashes are designed by AMO (Okay, I'm just being biased).

Comfort: ★★★★☆
The lashes are soft and of high quality. I feel as though I'm not wearing any falsies at all. Thumbs up!

Durability: ★★☆☆☆
It is not exactly durable since the the lashes already start to turn irregular after three tries (as you can see from the pictures). Also, if you're not careful enough, the lashes will tend to come off easily as well. 

Will I buy it again?
Probably not. I already have droopy eyes to begin with, thus getting such eyelashes might make my eyes look even more droopier. There's times where my mom also asked me why do I look so sleepy but I'm pretty sure that I was really awake. It's probably because of these lashes. 

However, I'll recommend it to people who would like to create a doll-look.

On a side note, would you guys mind doing me a favour by voting for me? You can do so by clicking view by top entries at the right top corner, my picture will appear on the second page! 
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The contest is open only to people residing in Singapore. So I guess it applies to people who are voting too?

I would appreciate all your help and I sincerely thank everyone who has helped me from the bottom of my heart. 

Have a brilliant Monday ahead! Thank you for reading~

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Aymmy in the Batty Girls! A new concept/brand by Harajuku model Ayumi Seto!! Coming soon in Spring 2014!

YES! Seto Ayumi, a popular Harajuku, Zipper model is releasing her own brand, Aymmy in the batty girls! It's to be released upcoming Spring 2014. I was so excited when I first saw the news release from Harajuku Kawaii!! Style Mail. First, she collaborated with Spinns to produce Namaiki. Now, Aymmy, she's the brand director, which means everything will be all overseen by her, the concept, the design direction, etc. How exciting! This 20-year-old girl is so damn talented~

From the official brand site, it is mentioned that Aymmy in the batty girls projects a lifestyle fashion of lives, hobbies, friends and environment of "Aymmy", a 17-year-old girl from California, USA. It is a street fashion style with a mix of original and edge pop sensibility. How cool is that? So basically, from what I see, Aymmy holds all of Ayumi-chan's loves, her love for hamburgers, the American lifestyle and so on. Since her favourite colour combination is red & blue, we'll be expecting to see that in her clothes selection as well. I really can't wait!

↑ I guess she really loves the comic, Archie and friends and that explains the similarity in the design concept used for Aymmy.

Official site:
Instagram: @aymmy93 

Some clothing have already caught my eyes. What about you? 

↑ Some of the limited Aymmy items will also be released on October 5th & 6th @ HARAJUKU TOWN HARAJUKU KAWAii!! FES 2013. There is a limited quantity of items being sold on the day of the event. 

→ Short sleeved "HELLO AYMMY" T-shirt - ¥ 4,000 (tax included)
→ Long sleeved "AYMMY HIGH SCHOOL" T-shirt - ¥ 5,000 (tax included)
→ "HELLO AYMMY" cap - ¥ 4,000 (tax included)



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Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My hair transformationsヾ( * д *)ノ゛

Hello~ I'm here to update again! Yes, it's annoying but this post will be filled with lots of pictures as well. So bear with me if you would like to laugh it off with me.

I would admit that I've changed quite a lot over the months or year as I grow up. It's all much thanks to makeup, photoshop (who doesn't edit their photos, I do to enhance the lighting and sometimes, my nose because it's too wide for me to handle), change of hairstyles & a willingness to experiment

Let's go!

One fine sunny day, to be exact, Oct 10 2011, I decided to chop off my hair since my black roots were coming out at a fast speed. Also, black roots with golden brown top isn't a pleasant head to look at. 
Sorry for my past dorky pictures.(。-_-。)

I was pretty satisfied with my new look.

I was surprised by the fact that in three months' time, my hair grew to this length. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
January 2012

And boom, my hairstylist dyed my hair over the brightness level I initially wanted & it became like this. I've always been a bangs person but I wanted to try something new & I went for side fringe. 
↓  July 2012  ↓ 

Even after toning down, it seems kinda bright. 

Aug 2012 ↓
Side fringe isn't really suitable for me. It makes me look sooooo OLD!

✮ October 2012 ✮
 And then, I trimmed it slightly shorter and Desmond, my hairstylist did a princess curl for me.  

I think October's the fated month where I always feel like chopping my hair off. And yes, I did it again. *Please ignore my weird face*

November came and I was sick and tired of my blondish looking hair. So I went to DIY a black hair-dye on my head. It looks pretty okay to me though.

And yes, a few days later (in the same month), I chopped it off my shoulder length once again. ↓↓↓

Then, we welcome the 2013 year. (=`ω´=) Oh gosh, another year just came in a flash.

But 2013 was the year where I started to get more greedy in experimenting with makeup. Trying different kinds of looks (But still looking the same, haha =’①。①’=) ~ And I got even vainer as I like to take even more selfies now.  

January 2013 ✮

Hair started to grow awkwardly in the month of March. 

↓ April 2013

↓↓ Month of May ↓↓
One of my colleagues mentioned that I look better with eyelashes and I started to put them on more regularly. I would say that my eyelash skills has improved as compared to the past and YES, I went for a red head this time round. 

♥ June ♥
I started to look at Harajuku street fashion even more and try to incorporate styles together here & there.

♥ July ♥
↑↑ I was kindly invited by Noriaki Tsuchiya-san to be a one time cut hair model for newly opened hair salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash. 

Noriaki Tsuchiya-san is an inspirational, motivated photographer who snaps pictures of "angels" on the Singapore streets. If you're interested to be an angel, you can always visit & sign up at:

Naoki Yoshihara by Ash: A newly opened hair salon as of July 26th. They're currently having 30% off promotion till the end of September. You must definitely visit them because their services are all top-rated. All the staff will welcome you with smiles and open arms because yes, they ARE that friendly! 
177 River Valley Road #02-15/16, Liang Court Singapore, S (179030)
MON - SUN: 10.30am - 8.30pm ( OFF on TUE)

♥ August ♥

♥ September ♥
I tried an AMO look but things just don't go according to plan when you aren't skilful as yet. 

So which hairstyle do you guy think suits me best?
But then again, I'm going for another hair dye again tomorrow! 
Till then~

Thank you for reading!
(^・ω・^ )
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