Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review: Eyemazing x Jun Komori Lashes No.103 Natural Brown

Hello everyone! I'm here once again~
I guess I won't be posting much after this, since I'm back to my full-time job. But my instagram's (@angiemomomo) always updated, that is if you wish to see my face. (≧▽≦) Now, let's hop on to today's post which will be a simple, short review of my favourite pair of eyelashes produced by Jun Komori. 

♥ This collection comes in 5 pairs even though mine has only three below.

Eyemazing x Jun Komori Lashes No.103 Natural Brown↓‎

Similarly to AMO's Strawberry Tea, this time round, I have also cut the eyelash shorter to match my small eyes and the results are shown in the picture below.

The reason why I love this eyelash collection is because it looks really natural and simply perfect for my droopy eyes. I have to admit that I might look fiercer but still, isn't it better than always looking sleepy. I could also reuse them quite a couple of times after regular washing. 

Will I buy it again?
Indeed, this set is already my third set of eyelashes. Basically, the moment I finished using the five pair of eyelashes, I quickly went back to the nearest store to restock. You guys should try it to see the result best for yourself. For now, this is the pair of eyelashes that I use on a daily basis.


Today, I also came across some really beautifully designed banner posters at Isetan Scotts, Shaw House while looking for my mom. I didn't know that Isetan Scotts was actually holding a Japan Art Exhibition since 11th October. I haven't been going to town for weeks already but I guess it wasn't too late for me to discover some of these beautiful artworks. If you're interested, you can drop by Isetan Scotts Level 2 to take a look but the exhibition will be ending on the 24th of October, in other words, two days later. (¬‿¬)

While browsing through the art galleries, the works by Tomoko Nagai and Yoshitaka Amano caught my attention most because their drawing styles are more towards my liking.

"Accessory case"  - Tomoko Nagai

"Madam Cat"  - Tomoko Nagai

"Candy Girls Mk. II-1" - Yoshitaka Amano

"Candy Girls Mk. II-3" - Yoshitaka Amano

Thank you for reading~ See you guys around!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Review: Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.814 Cinnamon Cookie

Hello everyone! It's Monday again~ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Today, I'll be doing a short review of Amo's Cinnamon Cookie eyelashes. 

Eyemazing x Amoyamo Lashes No.814 Cinnamon Cookie↓

To put Amo's eyelashes into simple words:
innocent, doll-like, dreamy eyes.

Unlike AMO's Strawberry Tea, the original length of Cinnamon Cookie is just right for my eyes. There is not a need to cut the excess length away or so. I took the pictures with flash since they seem almost invisible in ones without flash.

Price: ★★★☆☆
All Eyemazing x Amoyamo eyelashes are priced at S$23.90 for 5 pairs. This time round, I got Cinnamon cookie during a private sale, thus it was cheaper. (I couldn't express my overflowing happiness!!)

Comfort: ★★★★☆
Just like Amo's Strawberry tea, this pair of eyelashes are really soft and comfortable as well.

Durability: ★★★☆☆
I've already used it twice and they're still in a good condition.

Will I buy it again?
It actually depends because it is really light and comes in soft colours. Usual false eyelashes sold in the market these days are usually towards the colour, black or brown. But AMO's cinnamon cookie is actually a combination of olive brown and olive gold. 

This time round, I purchased it, YES! It is because of AMO once again. I got sucked away by her adorable-looking face on the cover itself. I just have to buy it, that was what I had in my mind back then. But then again, the real reason why I did the purchase was because I would personally wish to try out all her eyelashes and give you people my opinion of them. 


I've been crazy about AMO for awhile already and I don't intend to stop this craze. I really envy her ability to look so cute and pretty with such minimal makeup. AMO is a Harajuku model and she was put together with Ayamo to perform as a singing duo under the name, AMOYAMO which helped her to gain more popularity among girls. She endorses popular Japanese clothing brands like Candy Stripper, Katie, E Hyphen World Gallery (where she created her own line named "BonBon" in collaboration) and more. 

♥ AMO's Information
INSTAGRAM: angel_amo

On the next post, I'll still be reviewing on eyemazing false eyelashes but this time round, they would be the ones produced by Jun Komori and yes, it's my favourite pair of natural looking false eyelashes. 

Thank you for reading~ Have a great week ahead! 
Halloween's coming!!
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