Friday, 24 January 2014

Feature: Blanc Blanche

Hello everyone! 
Today, I'm here to share with you the items I've purchased some time back from a Harajuku inspired store by the name of Blanc Blanche located in Far East Plaza, Singapore. Aaron and I came across this while we were walking around the flea market booths (which open only during the weekends) at *SCAPE. Unlike other shops that sell casual clothing or accessories, Blanc Blanche really stands out more be it their display, colours or collection wise. I didn't know that they actually have a boutique shop until I started to research more about them. I am unsure if their booth at the flea market is currently still ongoing since they already have a newly renovated store at Far East.

This was my very first item from the store and it was a gift from Aaron. We were served by an extremely friendly and polite Japanese lady, telling us that the items were all imported directly from Japan. 

There came the desire to get more items there because everything sold at Blanc Blanche is just so magical-looking and pastel in colour. I've a liking towards transparent puff sleeves tops and furthermore, with a gingham check coordinate, I just have to get the blouse (above). Not to forget that I'm currently into unicorns as well. ✞

I finally went out (almost) fully geared in Blanc Blanche items. 
(* ¯ ∇ ¯) v

This is actually a two way tote bag; You can wear it like how I do or just carry it across as a sling bag. Right now, they have it in purple and pink as well~ (> ∇ <*)

Check out the transparent ribbon socks in pink (above)!
Isn't it lovely? 

Mr Aaron requested me to do more poses but I'm still pretty bad at it.

Yes! I put all the pictures in the form of a collage, just like how the photographer of Tokyofashion does his or her street shots. I've always wanted to try it out! (〃 ∇ 〃) Do drop by Blanc Blanche to have a magical experience! I'm pretty sure you won't leave the store empty-handed~ 

14 Scotts Road #04-43A Far East Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 228213

On a side note, how's my festive season gel manicure looking? It's inspired by the nail art featured in AMO's Amoscream photo book. All the designs are pieced together here and there; thereby I name it as my mademoiselle, mystical nails! (* ∩ v ∩ *) ♪
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Monday, 20 January 2014

Feature: CuteCanKill

Hello everyone! 
Today, I'm here to share with everyone some of my purchases (picture above) from CuteCanKill once again. This is my third time patronizing the online store and my experience is still great. I've previously done up a simple review of CCK and you could actually read it up here! Due to the festive season back in December, the shipment was delayed but nevertheless, I received my items in good condition. 

My apologies for the filters, I was sorta going for the dreamy effect here~ (´っω・ヾ)

Here's a close up shot of the Angel crystal holographic wings (rose) ✞

My Fairy dreamy unicorn necklace ✞

One of the greatest and happiest moment was finally being able to get my hands on this Mystical kitty necklace (below)! ✞

I definitely did not forget my Fairy moon star earrings! ✞ 

On top of that, Lila-chan was so sweet as always to add in a little gift (heart-shaped two way hair-clip/pin below) for me! 
Thank you as always 

How sweet 
Heart buttons are also given if you spent more than $30! 

My outfit

Online ✞ Facebook ✞ Tumblr ✞ Instagram

Thank you for reading! (^・ω・^ )

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Review: Sweet spirits

Hello! It's been awhile since I last update. Today, I will be sharing with you my experience with Sweets Spirits, an online store that sells really cute; 80's vibe inspired accessories.  

Here's the accessories I purchased awhile back in 2013 and the images (above) are grabbed from their site. 

My favourite item! Rocking horse earrings ❤❤

 A little gift from Sweet Spirits↑ How sweet! 

On the unpleasant side, I actually had to wait for more than a month or so to receive these goods. The resin star on the necklace also turned out to be a totally different colour as compared to the official picture online. Still, on a whole, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall service; the way they packed the items securely along with the additional of some small gifts. 

Each item cost me US$2 because the store was having some sales back then, so I would say it was a great deal! Here's some pictures below to see how the actual thing looks like when worn.

Sweet Spirits is currently having more sales as well, having items under US$5! Do check it out~

Sweet Spirits
Online store:

 Thank you for reading! 
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