Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring & Summer 2014 Trends in Japan ♥

Hello everyone! 
I realise that I have been posting way too much about food these days. So it's time for me to get back on track onto the fashion side. Spring and Summer is all about going girly, incorporating pastel colours into your clothing and more. But there are bound to be certain prints that are popular and noticeable in this year's clothes design. They definitely have to be these two:

Gingham check & Cherries.

I've gotta say that gingham check (especially light blue ones) is one of my most favourite prints because it is just too cute and simple to coordinate with. To make gingham prints even more interesting, I have also seen designers collaborating them with flowers, cherries and so on for their spring/summer collection. So here are some of my recommendations of clothes that you would love with these prints inside! These are namely the Japanese brands I always look out for when hunting for new clothes.

LDS x AMO's But I'm a Cheerleader Dress

Aymmy's Soda Smily Romper

Swankiss's PV Cherry Soe bustier

Swankiss's Cherry embroidery sleeveless Blouse

Liz Lisa's Gingham skinny Pants

Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon's Gingham check All-in-One

Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon's Candy puff Cardigan

Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon's Cherry One-piece Dress

EMODA's Pin up lady reversible Jacket

Tralala's Gingham x Rose Top

Tralala's Gingham x Rose Skirt

Amavel's Gingham Plaid x Heart embroidered Dress

I just wanna bring all these clothes back home!! 

Do share with me your thoughts about this year's Spring/Summer collection!

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Monday, 17 March 2014

[Media invitation] Japanese Sweets Collection at Isetan Westgate

Hello everyone!
It has been a great pleasure and honour for myself that despite starting out my humble little blog only over a short span of eight months, I have been invited by Huntington Communicaations for a food tasting session last Friday, 14th March (White day) at Isetan Westgate, Basement Level one where all the Japanese delights are available. From time to time, Isetan organises different Japanese food fairs, ranging from Hokkaido, Kyushuu and more. This is the very first time that Isetan has collaborated with East Japan Marketing & Communications (jeki) to bring in Japanese Sweets Collection organized by jeki.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Sushi buffet at Sushi Kanazawa

Hello everyone! ✞
It's been close to a week since I last blog and yes, it's another round of food experience. This time round, Aaron and I visited humble looking sushi bar by the name of Sushi Kanazawa, located at International Building. We have visited this place twice and this would mark our third one. Sushi Kanazawa was first recommended by his friend and we gave it a shot last year and we have since officially marked the restaurant as our favourite sushi buffet spot.

The concept here is that the chef can decide what you will have next.

Why do we like it so much? 
First, the sashimi are really of high quality, freshly cut and served on the spot. Second, the rice tastes really different and appetising as compared to other Japanese restaurants out there which might have a slightly too vinegary taste (The rice here is said to be of high quality Japanese grains!). The buffet usually kick starts with a dish of Sashimi Moriawase - salmon, squid, tuna and mackerel.  

Next was salmon sashimi sliced into even cubes paired with ponzu sauce which reminds me of the beef carpaccio from En Japanese dining bar. Mine was served in a little seashell plate. How cute!

Behold the chef's recommendation! Amaebi Mentaiko Aburi! It's beyond heavenly, the mentaiko and amaebi is torched and charred which gives it a strong aroma and it melts literally in your mouth when you place the whole thing inside your mouth. I would have to describe it as umamigasm, yes! So good that I had to order more! The Unagi Aburi was also one of the highlights of our time here~ ↓

Some delicious fruit jelly to end off the sumptuous buffet!

Outfit of the day 

Jetamie set (Hoodie + Skirt) ✞ Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon
Sweetheart red gingham with bunny Choker ✞ Cutecankill
Holly heart earrings ✞ Cutecankill

I had a change of hairstyle because Aaron mentioned that the Paris inspired Jetamie set would go better with twin braids instead of twintails. What's your view?

Sushi Kanazawa
#02-13, International Building, 360 Orchard Road
(Just next to Isetan Scotts, Shaw House)

Opening hours - Daily
Lunch buffet (12pm - 3pm)
Monday to Friday - Adult: $29.90+, Children: $19+
Sat, Sun & PH - Adult: $39.90+, Children: $22+

Dinner buffet (6pm - 10pm)
Monday to Friday - Adult: $39.90+, Children: $22+
Sat, Sun & PH - Adult: $48+, Children: $25+

Contact: 67383833 

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Brunch at W39 Bistro & Bakery

Hello everyone! ✞ 
Today, I'm back with my first brunch experience at the W39 Bistro & Bakery. I do eat brunches now and thern but never once, properly seated down in a cafe with a relaxing ambience. So Aaron and I just decided the day before that we would spend our Saturday chilling out, enjoying brunch in a comfortable place but at the same time, somewhere nearby. And that was when I found out W39 online and with the amount of good reviews provided, I had a feeling it was a place not to be missed and I was satisfied with my decision. 

We arrived at W39 around 11+ and the cafe was already fully seated. There were also some people in line waiting for a table as well. After leaving down our particulars, we went off to the back to get a good outfit shot (mine of course). 

Close up shot ✞ 

Girly syndrome top ✞ Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon
Ribbon Skirt ✞ Liz Lisa  
Unicorn Tote Bag ✞ Blanc Blanche 
Sweetheart lollipop Necklace ✞ Cutecankill

We went back in a short while and they were ready to let us in. We were also notified that we have to finish everything by 1.30pm since the table had a reservation. This was how popular the cafe is! Aaron and I shared our table with another group of friends whom were having a birthday celebration that day. Coincidentally, we were actually celebrating Aaron's advanced birthday as well.

We ordered for ourselves Fluffy pancakes as well as Eggs benedict and we paired them up with a cup of cafe latte ($4.50) and long black ($3.90).

The fluffy pancakes ($9.50) were very fluffy as the name would suggest and came in three generous pieces. Aaron was quite satisfied at his second piece. However, the pancakes were a little lacking on the flavour which could be solved by the maple syrup and jam provided. Thus, adding whipped cream would be a good idea to make it taste even better.

The eggs benedict ($9.00) was matched perfectly with the hollandaise sauce, giving it a smooth feel along with the first bite. The sauce was abundant but there was not enough bread to soak in the yellow goodness. Also, the salad came with the sweet and tangy sauce that we suspect to be vinaigrette. I would definitely love to try this again the next time.

Everything seemed unsightly in the front view so this view was the best shot by Aaron after our sumptuous brunch. We took some quick shots before leaving the place in high spirits.

Breakfast is only served during the weekends & public holidays from 9am to 3pm. I would definitely recommend you to make a reservation before heading down to secure yourself your favourite spot. I can't wait to head back more often to try out other brunch or even dinner selections as well. Do share with me your experience at W39!

W39 Bistro & Bakery
39 Jalan Mas Puteh, Off West Coast Road, Singapore 128637

Opening hours
Tue to Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat. Sun & Public Holidays: 9am - 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays except on Public Holidays.

Tel: 9646 5372 ✞ Fax: 6779 7050 ✞ E-mail: Contact@w39bistro.com

Thank you for reading!
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