Wednesday, 16 July 2014

High-tea at Brunetti ☼

Hello everyone!  
Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Brunetti to have some high-tea before dinner. The wide collection of cakes is to die for! There's simply too many to choose from. I've always wanted to try out their desserts ever since I took more notice of this shop at Tanglin Mall. Look at the total amount of desserts the three of us chose altogether!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Birthday Celebration at Basilico, Regent Hotel ♕

Happy birthday to me on 8th July ✌
My birthday usually falls on school days or days with events, but this year it wasn't! It was on a weekday and I'm really thankful for the fact that Aaron took a day off from army to celebrate this very day with me. I couldn't be more appreciative and happy at the same time for his actions.  This year, both of us celebrated at Basilico, located at Regent Hotel as suggested by Aaron since I wanted to go for some pasta. 
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