About me

Hello! You can call me Angie or Momo, I'm fine with either of these two names. I wouldn't call myself a blogger or influencer because I've yet to reach that standard. I will be writing more posts related to fashion, beauty, anime and other daily lifestyle events or hangouts. The reason why I went back to blogging was to improve my English. (>~<) 

I love kawaii fashion! I am influenced & inspired by the Japanese culture and fashion but from time to time, I love to try out other styles as well. I do also attend anime conventions and cosplay if my schedule approves because I'm currently attending university. I love to draw, doodle or bake occasionally whenever I am free as well. Also, I hope that I can spread the love of Japanese fashion or Kawaii fashion to the rest of Singapore and even the world for people to love and learn about it.

I wish to share all my experiences and information through reviews with my most honest feedbacks and opinions. The results of the products or food differ from people to people, thus the best way is to try them out yourself personally. 

For enquires, please feel free to contact me through my email, angie_momo@live.com.sg ☽
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